My Hospital: Build. Farm. Heal.

My Hospital: Build. Farm. Heal.

My Hospital is a whimsical simulation game brought to you by the Publishers of Recolor. Build and decorate your own hospital, farm resources and heal patients. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Quirky illnesses with unique cures

My Hospital is filled with fun and humor. In this ultimate hospital simulation you get to cure your way through the quirkiest, funniest imaginary illnesses, such as Chilli Throat, Frozen Hands, Slimey Lungs and many many more. There are more than 80 funny diseases to unlock and heal!

Specific illnesses take unique cures. You will farm and harvest healing plants and use them to produce and blend dozens of different types of elixirs and syrups for cures. Levelling up and building new treatment rooms unlocks new illnesses and patients. You’ll never run out of challenges in this game!

Manage your very own hospital

The heart of My Hospital is building and decorating your very own hospital. As a hospital manager you get to construct doctor’s offices, diagnosting rooms, treatment centers and laboratories - everything you need to heal any disease! Expand, upgrade and decorate your unique hospital and show off to your friends!

Play with Friends

In My Hospital you’re never alone! By connecting your Facebook account, you can access your friends’ hospitals from all around the world. Connecting with friends lets you help others and get help, as well as compete with other Hospital Managers. You can also show off your achievements using Game Center or Facebook.

Are you ready to take on your own hospital? Download My Hospital now!